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Ville: Webinar Zoom

Pays: Italy

Typologie: Cours

Pavillon: Zoom

Dentition wear everywhere

Date de début: 18/06/2024
Date de fin: 18/06/2024
SPEAKER: Dr. Ionut Branzan


New techniques and materials facilitate the achievement of great esthetic results thanks to a minimally invasive approach. The same techniques and materials may be used to obtain amazing outcomes from the functional point of view as well. Sometimes, in more challenging cases, complex diagnostic issues and the lack of optimal treatment options may lead to a less-than-ideal result. In these situations, in order to keep the minimally invasive perspective, collaboration among several specialists may be needed. Esthetic treatment plan, decision-making and workflow will be the main subjects of the webinar. The participants will have the opportunity to understand each step of the procedure that will guide the clinician through the process. Besides, complex clinical cases will highlight all the philosophy behind.






Please note that the event starts at 2:00 PM CEST and ends at 3:00 PM CEST.


Starting time in other Time Zones:

New York – USA 8:00 AM; San Paolo – Brazil 9:00 AM; London – UK 1:00 PM; Rome – Italy 2:00 PM; Moscow – Russia 3:00 PM; Dubai – UAE 4:00 PM; New Delhi – India 5:30 PM; Astana – Kazakhstan 5:00 PM; Bangkok – Thailand, Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam 7:00 PM; Hong Kong – Cina, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia 8:00 PM; Tokyo – Japan 9:00 PM; Sidney – Australia 10:00 PM.





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