Zeta Sand

Zeta Sand

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The Zeta Sand line includes aluminium oxide and glass beads, with a range of grain sizes suitable for various materials and different types of sandblasting and finishing.


• High degree of sieving

• Single refill three-ply 1 kg aluminium pack

• Different grain sizes available


• The quality of the raw material is provided by a high degree of sieving

• The 1 kg pack protects the sands from humidity, the main cause of sandblaster malfunction

• The various grain sizes are suitable for various types of sandblasting and finishing

Zhermack recommends:

California: modular micro sandblaster for smoothing, polishing and roughening sandblasting prosthetic elements.

Sand S 24 R: dual-module sandblasting machine with recycling system for the sandblasting of dental prostheses.

Product features

 Oxide 50Oxide 90 - 125Oxide 150 - 250Glass beads 50Glass beads 110
Devesting pressed porcelain / inlays
Gentle oxide removal / Devesting precious alloys
Removal of heavy oxide layers / Devesting non-precious alloys
Surface treatment (porcelain / resins)
Cement removal (precious / non-precious alloys)
Surface treatment before the etching of full ceramic
Welding preparation
Removal of residue from dentures (gypsum / tooth tartar)
Smoothing of occlusal surfaces, secondary components or crown interiors
Satin finishing and smoothing of non-precious alloys



C308202Zeta SandAluminium oxide5 x 1 kg bag 50 μm
C308206Zeta SandAluminium oxide5 x 1 kg bag 90 μm
C308208Zeta SandAluminium oxide5 x 1 kg bag 110 μm
C308210Zeta SandAluminium oxide5 x 1 kg bag 125 μm
C308216Zeta SandAluminium oxide5 x 1 kg bag 250 μm
C308218Zeta SandGlass beads5 x 1 kg bag 40 / 70 μm
C308220Zeta SandGlass beads5 x 1 kg bag 90 / 150 μm




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