Safemix Nitrile

Safemix Nitrile

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Safemix Nitrile are powder-free gloves tested for the safe mixing of Zhermack impression A-Silicones.


• Micro-rough surface for improved material handling

• Reinforced edge


High quality: gloves do not inhibit VPS polymerisation and ensure high tactile sensitivity

Comfort: designed for an ideal fit

Efficacy: provide an high protective barrier


D601000Safemix NitrilePack of 100 size XS gloves
D601010Safemix NitrilePack of 100 size S gloves
D601020Safemix NitrilePack of 100 size M gloves
D601030Safemix NitrilePack of 100 size L gloves
D601040Safemix NitrilePack of 100 size XL gloves

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