Elite Mix

Elite Mix

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Elite Mix is a vacuum stone and investment mixer for model preparation. Versatile and compact, it has a functional design.
The completely electronic control provides constant mixing quality and silent operation. The software installed allows to set different parameters so that you can customize the entire mixing cycle.


• Ten different programs which can be set with the following parameters:
– Spatula mixing time
– Spatula mixing speed between 100 and 450 rpm
– Pre-spatula mixing
– Pre-insertion vacuum
– Spatula rotation direction reversal interval
– Vacuum level

• Electronic vacuum control and double filter

• Vacuum generated by membrane pump inside mixer

• Wall mounted or table top, with optional support


• The “oil free” vacuum pump requires no maintenance

• The Elite Mix mixing bowls have rounded internal surfaces for easy removal of the mix and cleaning

• Ten customisable programmes, including six default programmes for Zhermack stones

Product features

(L x D x H - mm)
Power supply
(V / Hz)
Total power
Vacuum level
C305120Elite Mix 230 V
50 Hz
180 x 240 x 3608230 V ± 10 % / 50 Hz150100 - 450600
C305121Elite Mix 230 V
60 Hz
180 x 240 x 3608230 V ± 10 % / 60 Hz150100 - 450600
C305125Elite Mix 115 V
60 Hz
180 x 240 x 3608115 V ± 10 % / 60 Hz150100 - 450600


Standard Components

XR0011500Lid with 500 cc mixing spatula



XR0011510Bench-mounted Elite Mix stand
XR0011520Lid with 200 cc mixing spatula
XR0011500Lid with 500 cc mixing spatula
XR0011530Lid with 1000 cc mixing spatula
XR0011642200 cc bowl
XR0011640500 cc bowl
XR00116441000 cc bowl


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