Elite Hard Relining

Elite Hard Relining

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Elite Hard Relining is a rigid and self-polymerizing resin for direct relining in the dental practice of complete or partial dentures.


• Easy and fast working

• Odourless and tasteless

• Pink colour


• Highly tolerable by the patient

• Develops low temperatures during polymerization

• The colour does not interfere with the existing prosthetic base

Product features

ProductPowder/liquid mixing ratioCuring time*
Water absorptionWater solubility
Elite Hard
2.35 g / 1.5 ml30:00max 32 μg/mm3max 8 μg/mm3

* in water at 50-60 °C / 122-140 °F



C710080Elite Hard ReliningStandard Pack: 1 Powder 60 g + 1 Liquid 40 ml + 1 Primer 10 ml


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