AD 8

AD 8

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AD 8 is a water softener recommended for steam generators with mains water fill.

A cation resin water softener is the ideal solution, indispensable to prolong steam generator life. In addition, by adding a simple T-junction, it can also supply demineralised water for other laboratory uses.


• Made from stainless steel

• Guaranteed continuous water delivery, even during resin regeneration

• Regenerated using NaCl (coarse cooking salt)


• The water softener extends the working life of the steam generator

• It produces demineralised water for other uses in the laboratory (e.g. for mixing stone), thus improving the quality of the elements

• Low maintenance costs (resin regeneration using coarse cooking salt)

Product features

(L x D x H - mm)
Maximum flow rate
(l / h)
MaterialResinsResin regenerationIncoming water pressure
C305208AD 8300 x 200 x 4008.5900Stainless
(coarse cooking salt)
1 - 8




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