Our solutions

From listening, to solutions.

Knowing the market, in order to find solutions.

We start from listening to the market, our clients, professionals. Armed with this knowledge, we design solutions that also draw on our experience, know-how and competitiveness. This is our modus operandi, which gives us the ability to anticipate market demands and respond accordingly with practical proposals.

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For Dental

A complete range with a product portfolio that fits the specific needs of professionals all over the world.

Systems that simplify processes inside the dental clinic and the laboratory, composed by equipment, consumables and infection control solutions, specifically developed to accompany the professionals in their daily activities.

For Industrial

Experience in addition- and condensation-cured silicones and alginates has been extended to various industrial sectors, offering solutions that are designed to satisfy a wide range of requirements.

Thanks to our experience and know-how in the dental sector, we have been able to diversify into other areas of business, capitalising on the quality of our products. Developing silicone rubbers and alginates for various different sectors: construction, jewellery, production of items in composite materials, the film industry, ceramics…

For Wellbeing

Our know-how and intuitive understanding of our clients’ needs are qualities that are ideally suited to the wellbeing sector: for cosmetics, from nail art to face masks, to otology and podiatry.

Detailed studies conducted by our research laboratories have culminated in the creation of specific products that guarantee efficiency and high quality standards, confirming Zhermack as a reliable and skilled partner.